Msgr. Joseph Riccardo


Mrs. Jessica Dinger

Principal & Technology Instructor

Mrs. Lisa Phillips

Administrative Assistant & School Secretary

Mrs. Kerri Presloid

Preschool Director & Library Director

Mrs. Wendy Hebering

Preschool Aide

Mrs. Carla Ferko


Mrs. Jeanine DiPietro

First Grade

Mrs. Patricia Murdock

Second Grade

Mrs. Sarah Myers

Third and Fourth Grade

Mrs. Bobbi Young

Middle School

Miss Marcy Sallack

Music Instructor

Mrs. Traci Stello

Cafeteria Manager

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SSCD School

SSCD School
Working through code together #HourOfCode2017 #HourOfCode #Minecraft

SSCD School

SSCD School
First grade learning coding #HourOfCode2017 #tynker

SSCD School

SSCD School
Art reflecting the true meaning of Christmas! #Christmas