Scrip New Enrollment Packet Print this packet and fill out in order to assign your Scrip dollars to a student or to the general fund. Click here to View
Scrip Order Form Print this order and submit it each week on Monday by 9 a.m. Pick up Scrip on the following Friday. Click here to View
Online Ordering Orders can now be placed online. Print out a receipt and submit it on Monday by 9:00 am Pick up Scrip on the following Friday. Go to Click here to Order
Cash & Carry Purchases This is a short form for use with immediate pickup. Click here to View
Business Voucher Program The Voucher Program is one of the easiest ways to earn tuition credit. You do not need to order certificates. Just visit or call one of the businesses listed and make your purchase. When checking out just tell the salesperson that you participate in the SSCD SCRIP program. Coming Soon